Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Music From The Empty Quarter issue 4 [My Scan]

Here's issue 4 of MFTEQ, Feb. 1992. Great interview with Numb in this issue, at this point Numb had only released two albums, Death on the Installment Plan and Wasted Sky hadn't even been conceived yet. This zine really comes into its own here, glossy heavy stock cover, 84 pages of true history. i apologize i don't have issue three, these zines aren't easy to come by. after issue 4 they moved to glued spine format, so i don't know yet how i'm going to scan them without ripping all the pages out.

or Massmirror
46mb pdf.


  1. Thanks for posting these - I have issues 1, 2 and 4 of MFTEQ, haven't taken them out in ages.

    I had actually sent some material for review around the time of issue 4, don't know if they got around to it despite Deadhead's assurances. I remember hearing about at least issue 6 before they stopped publication... is this correct?

  2. I think they got up to atleast 12 or 14. i have issues 1,2,4,5,7,9,10, and 11, but after issue 4 they started using a bound spine like a book, so i'd have to near destroy them to get decent scans.

  3. Nice to see there's still a little bit of interest in these old beasts!

  4. I remember reviewing this zine for IndustrialNation (or maybe it was for Permission) - I still have this issue!