Saturday, December 22, 2007

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Auto Erotik #1 [Date unknown, late 80's?] Scanned by Rota777

Little 20 page art zine containing works by prominent players in the industrial tape culture of the 80's. Visual works by Cosey, Sleep Chamber, Lebensborn (early grey wolves?), Slave State, etc. The Folder i downloaded with this in it was labeled auto erotik v.01 [hunting lodge publication] [rota 777], not sure if this is related to the band hunting lodge or not. none of the band members have their name on it, there's no S/M operations logo or anything. If you've got any info let me know.
On the subject of sleep chamber, TheeBradMiller just posted the Erotika cassette comp over at Because God Told Me To. Containing a live version of Oral Maze and a couple Women Of The SS tracks.

Get the zine Here

Monday, August 20, 2007

¡Degenerate! issue #1 [2001,nmr]

I'm back. Took a couple months off. Going to start posting some newer stuff i've found, not my scans, i just compiled them to pdf.
Degenerate! is the fine work of the folks over at Freak Animal. First issue published in 2001. A fine document of that year in music, at least as far as power electronics/industrial noise is concerned. Haus Arafna, Drape Excrement, Lockweld, Etc.
High quality pdf, Click on the cover for a 50% preview.
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¡Degenerate! issue #2 [2002,nmr]

Interviews/articles with: IRM, Folkstorm, Deutsch Nepal, Control, Karjalan Sissit, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, Black Leather Jesus, Incapacitants, Prurient/Hospital Prod., Deathpile, etc, PLus tons of reviews relevant to 2003 and today.

High Quality pdf

¡Degenerate! issue #3 [2003,nmr]

In this issue: Propergol, RRRecords, Slogun, Militia, Genocide Organ, Isomer, Drone Records, Knifeladder, Troum, Etc.

High Quality pdf

¡Degenerate! issue #4 [2005,nmr]

Posting backwards so these show up chronologically when you scroll the page. First up, issue #4.
"The fourth issue contains a wide variety of styles and themes related to the power electronics, noise, ambient and industrial genres, presented through interviews with Niko Skorpio, DVT, Brethren, Boyd Rice/NON, Fire in the Head, Snip-Snip Records, C.O.Caspar, Spatter Productions, Proiekt Hat, Barzel, I.corax, Haare and Segerhuva."
Plus over 100 reviews.

High Quality pdf

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Vertigo #15 + CD [1997, My Scan]

Not quite as old as the last couple scans, but still 10 years old and worth archiving. 1997 was a pinnacle year on electro industrial. the reviews section reads like a who's who of modern classics, Haujobb - sfasp, Vac - Church of Acid, Fla - Hard Wired, etc. along with interviews with wumpscut before he completely went to shit and another Numb interview from just before blood meridian was created. Unfortunately all in german language so i've never actually been able to read but maybe you can.


1 Birmingham 6 The Garden 6:03
2 Index Psychotic Stimulation (Metal Snow Silhouette Remix) 4:45
3 Second Disease A Tale Of Vengeance 3:53
4 Object (2) Amkura 3 4:59
5 L.I.N. One Vision 4:21
6 Final Cut It Comes Too 4:39
7 Lescure 13 Between The Light And The Darkness 4:30
8 Industrial Heads Multi (Lingo Remix) 6:33
9 Crocodile Shop High And Deep 4:41
10 Din_fiv Ball And Chain 5:26
11 Bio-Tek No Victim 5:22
12 Ionic Vision Cueva De Amor (Remix) 5:22
13 Alien Sex Fiend Evolution (Thee Industrial Evolution #4) (POD Remix) 6:21
14 Cadaverous Condition Eisbar 90210 4:28

RS[84p pdf.]
CD[V0 mp3]

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Impulse Issue 01 [My Scan]

This one was quick and easy, 20 pages, first issue from 1992. it originally came with a cassette which i've long since lost. Nice ITN interview, a handful of interesting reviews.
12.6mb pdf.

Music From The Empty Quarter issue 4 [My Scan]

Here's issue 4 of MFTEQ, Feb. 1992. Great interview with Numb in this issue, at this point Numb had only released two albums, Death on the Installment Plan and Wasted Sky hadn't even been conceived yet. This zine really comes into its own here, glossy heavy stock cover, 84 pages of true history. i apologize i don't have issue three, these zines aren't easy to come by. after issue 4 they moved to glued spine format, so i don't know yet how i'm going to scan them without ripping all the pages out.

or Massmirror
46mb pdf.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Music From The Empty Quarter issue 2 [My Scan]

Here's issue 2, more priceless reviews and incite into the industrial music scene of 1991. This issue is alot thicker than issue 1, 70 pages.
36mb pdf.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Music From The Empty Quarter issue 1 [My Scan]

First issue of a what would come to be the bible for early 90's industrial. the reviews section is a goldmine of lost gems. enjoy. Published May 1991, my scan.
16.5mb pdf.

:necrophonie: 1 [My Scan]

First up is :necrophonie:, my scan. it came in two parts, interviews and music reviews. printed on standard 8.5x11 paper, folded vertically for a tall profile. Released in '04 i believe. interviews with: GALERIE SCHALLSCHUTZ, JARL, LUSTMORD, MK9, NUIT ET BROUILLARD, PROPERGOL, SKM-ETR, KAOS KONTROL, LAND:FIRE, SOMNAMBULANT RECORDS, STEEL HOOK PROSTHESES, etc.

89mb, high quality pdf.