Friday, July 31, 2009

RE/Search Issue 2 [1981, My Scan]

If you're familiar with the Re/Search line of publications you'll know exactly what to expect here. Beatniks, tribalism, modern primatives, world music, dada, avant garde, industrial culture, surveillance, paranoia, etc.
Before publishing the now pretty well known Industrial Culture Handbook, Re/Search was a large format 11x17" tabloid size zine. This lasted for 3 issues before they switched to spine bound book format.

Because of the oversize nature and fragility of this 28 year old newspaper i attempted to contact my local kinko's and see if they were capable of scanning 17x22" newspapers, "sure" they said, "as long as you have a letter from the copywrite holder". Motherfucker. So i searched online, turns out even if you got your picture in the paper or an acticle written about you you can't preserve a copy of it without written consent of the publisher. All i wanted to do was preserve a piece of cultural history in digital form before it crumbles into dust. So i ended up doing it the hard way. Each page is 2 or 3 scans puzzlepieced together to form a single page, along with the centerfold (pages 18-19) which is 6 scans and forms a large 17x22" chart chronicaling German electronic music composers and their music 1970-1980.
Here (36p HiQ pdf)