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Ziners from William Davenport on Vimeo.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Industrial Achive Torrent

Finally got around to creating a torrent of everything i've posted so i don't have to bother with the eternal re-up nightmare that has crippled most music blogs. It's up on The Pirate Bay here:

You don't have to download all of it if you don't want, just set your torrent client to download select files.

I've been working on a large format bookscanner for a while now. It's coming along nicely. Hopefully i'll be posting some bound material before the end of the year.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Industrial Strength #2 [1992, My Scan]

This was a leftover from 2 years ago. There's a great interview with Steven R Gilmore (SRG). Best known for most of the Skinny Puppy album covers and a ton of other stuff on Nettwerk, as well as A Perfect Circle.

Fixed a ton of links (starting from oldest), let me know if anything falls off the net.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Culture Shock - Transmission 3 [1996, My Scan]

Interviews with Haujobb, Forma Tadre, Biopsy, Suicide Commando, Terminal Choice, Das Ich, Covenant, Abscess, KIFOTH, Image Transmission, Chaingun Operate, Individual Totem, Wumpscut vs. Noisex, VNV Nation, Velvet Acid Christ, Swamp Terrorists, Evil Sermon, and Aïboforcen, along with scene reports from Belgium (written by Johan Von Roy), South Germany (by Stefan Alt + SED), and Brazil (by Eneas Neto?). Label profiles of Mental Ulcer Forges and Off-Beat. Plus 17 pages of reviews. Cover art by Ant-Zen label head Stefan Alt.

I was 14 when i picked this up from a local record shop. It opened up a whole new world of music to me. At that age i knew there was a musical underground, but i assumed it all just revolved around local pub bands and artists got discovered and signed to labels by scouts who spent their lives traveling from town to town looking for the next big thing. I really had no clue about independent music and assumed if something wasn't on the radio it probably wasn't worth hearing.

I read and reread this issue of Culture Shock so many times throughout my teens that the cover split in half at the spine and the pages are all wavy from my sweaty hands, dogeared all to hell. Enjoy.

RS [68p pdf]

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Culture Shock - Transmission 1.97 (issue 4) +cd [1997, My Scan, Rip]

Interviews with Velvet Acid Christ, Attrition, Leæther Strip, Mentallo & The Fixer, DB.F, Scar Tissue, Neuroactive, Implant, Collapsed System, Sabotage Q.C.Q.C., Index, STR (Swamp Terrorists), T.H.D., Static Iconm Hocico, Morgue, E-Craft, New Mind, P·A·L, Imminent Starvation, and Funker Vogt, along with a Belgian scene report written by Johan Van Roy from Suicide Commando, Ant-Zen label profile, plus 20 pages of reviews. Cover art by Ant-Zen label head Stefan Alt.

1 Imminent Starvation - Parasite 6:37
2 Velvet Acid Christ - The Calling 5:23
3 db.F - Retrace (instruMENTAL Version) 4:58
4 Noisex - 4-025905-907991 1:19
5 Hocico - Beings Of Relief 4:41
6 Index - Psychotic Simulation (Metal Snow Silhouette Remix) 3:58
7 Implant - Slowly Mutating 4:54
8 P·A·L - Metrum 4:41
9 STR - Edge 3:59
10 New Mind - Stone Hate Steel 4:56
11 Sabotage Q.C.Q.C.? - Heidenangst (1st Step) 4:43
12 Neuroactive - Space Divider (US Remix) 3:42
13 THD (2) - A Halogen Glow 6:10
14 Morgue - Nature's Freak (Fallen Angel Remix) 4:52
15 Benestrophe - Sister Mary's Sleep 4:13
16 Noisex - More Over Than Out 4:14
Many of the tracks on the comp were previously unreleased at the time of publication. The band DB.F is a collaboration between between members of Suicide Commando, Page 12, and Pierrepoint.

RS [68p pdf]

CD [V0 vbr]

Monday, October 19, 2009

Culture Shock - Transmission 5 + cd [1998, My Scan,Rip]

Probably thee best electro-industrial-ebm magazine to exist in the mid-to-late nineties. Interviews with Aghast View, s.alt, Synapscape, Kalte Farben, S.P.O.C.K., Digital Factor, Inertia, Float, It (Ivan Iusco), Re/Act, Decree, Seven Trees, Holocaust Theory, Gridlock, Axonal Warfare, Brain Leisure, Newt, FLA, and KMFDM. Plus 15 pages of reviews.

Binary Application Extension 05
1 Newt Testone 5:30
2 Front Line Assembly Columbian Necktie (Tongue Fed Edit) 4:50
3 Biopsy CX State 5:05
4 C-Tec Foetal 5:46
5 RE/Act Virtual Symmetry 4:08
6 Aghast View Neurotic 5:18
7 Pain Konsept Charge Intercept (Intercepted By VAC Mix) 4:24
8 Inertia (4) Believer 4:38
9 Gridlock Nine 4:06
10 Suicide Commando
Putrefaction Process 5:15
11 Salt Feed Me 3:35
12 Synapscape My Distance 3:19
13 It Hydrogen (NCoded By Red Sector A) 5:29
14 Float (2) (Feel It) Float 3:44
15 S.P.O.C.K Force Of Life 4:47
16 Velvet Acid Christ Amphetamine OD (Fuck Off Sage For Not Putting Futile On This Disc Mix) 3:02

RS [68p pdf]
CD [V0 vbr]

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Gear V.4 #44 [1996, My Scan]

RS [36p pdf]

Monday, October 12, 2009

Ennui Vol.2 #2 [1997, My Scan]

Interviews with Darrin Verhagen of Shinjuku Thief, Jim Thirlwell of Foetus, and an article on Drone Records (label). Plus a huge 26 page reviews section.

RS [52p pdf]

Friday, October 9, 2009

Terra Industria #3 [1996, My Scan]

Published out of Fairfax, Virginia. Interviews with Numb, Download, FLA, PNE, etc. + 5 pages of reviews. Another one i picked up second hand. The previous owner circled a bunch of stuff in the reviews section.

RS [28p pdf]

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Judas Kiss Issue #5 [1999, My Scan]

Rose McDowall/Sorrow
Der Blutharsch
Dream into Dust
PX body piercing studio

Live reviews: Death In June/Sorrow/NON/Der Blutharsch, Angels of light, Thee Majesty

Plus a 21 page music review section

Notes: this issue was meant to feature an interview with Salvation Films MD Nigel Wingrove however although the interview was conducted due to very poor reproduction values on the recording device it was never used. It was listed in the magazines contents as being on page 666. This issue featured the first of two adult manga inspired covers."

RS [66p pdf]

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Infectious Substance #2 [1995, My Scan]

Interviews with Numb, Evils Toy, Spahn Ranch, Pygmy Children, and Under The Noise. Picked this one up second hand mostly for the interview with Numb, Who's also been interviewed in at least 3 other zines i've already posted. The Evils Toy interview is pretty funny, since the band was a total skinny puppy ripoff and the interviewer keeps drawing parallels between their work. Evils Toy later became an awful german boy band called T.O.Y.
The reviews section is heavy with typical mid 90's "american coldwave" guitar industrial, but there's some decent euro electro-industrial in there as well.

RS [40p pdf]

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sigill #10 [1996,My Scan]

Interviews/editorials with Coil, Endvra, S.Alt, Zero Kama, In My Rosary, Batchas, and Yukio Mishima. All in German language.

RS [48p pdf]

Monday, October 5, 2009

Interface ver. 3.2 [1996, My Scan]

Interviews with Alien Faktor (?), Attrition, Crash Worship, FLA, Jean Luc De Meyer, Ministry (Paul Barker), Orbital, Steve Roach, Ruby, Sheep On Drugs, And Hate Dept.
17 pages of reviews.
RS [52p pdf]

Friday, October 2, 2009

Eskhatos #2 [1995, My Scan]

Taken from the publisher's post to CMI mailinglist Tue, 23 Jan 1996
"Issue Number 2 entitled, "Holocaustum In Celesta" is at long last available. This issue features long, thoughtful interviews with LUSTMORD, MICK HARRIS (Scorn, Lull, Painkiller), MOURNING CLOAK, GLOD, and social systems mechanics theorist JERROLD RICHARDS as well as part II of a two part series on Non-Lethal Weapons, an article on the approach of the Comet Hale-Bopp, The Nature of Cycles, and world wide news and conspiracies. To fill the final 16 pages are over 150 reviews of Experimental, Deathambient, Deepnoise, Occultfolk, Tribal, Ritual, Hardambient, Industrial, Gothic, Noise and Power Electronics."

RS [56p pdf]

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Vertigo #11 + CD [1996, My Scan]

Taken from Culture Shock
- Transmission 3
"In 1990, under the guidance of a man named Jan Liebricht, a small group of Germans started a gothic fanzine called VERTIGO. It was small, photocopied, and handmade without the use of a computer, with a circulation of 100 copies, and it came out twice a year. Little did they know, at the time, that it would evolve into a full-size, professional, glossy publication with a circulation 17,000 copies, and one of the most important underground music magazines in all of Europe!

Not long after the first issu
e, the most of the editorial staff had dissipated. They were not pulling their own weight, and Jan was doing all of the work. Then in 1992, he met a man named Andreas Schmidt at a concert with PROJECT PITCHFORK and TRIAL. They instantly got along, and Andreas' first appearence in Vertigo followed soon after with a TRIAL interview in Issue 5. At that point, they were still coming twice a year, and had the circulation at 500 copies, but had begun the transition in coverage from gothic to electro, and getting to be quite well known and respected. Then in 1993, Jan and Andreas hooked up with one Marc Keithan, who had been running CRIPPLED ABORTION TAPES, releasing material from LPF 12 and his own EVIL SERMON. The three of them were together doing everything for VERTIGO, with Jan as the head.

So, while Jan was managing VERTIGO, and Marc was managing CRIPPLED ABORTION, they started up another organization for even more diverse activities, this time with Andreas as manager. This was called STILLBIRTH MUSICAL ART AND CONCERTS. Under this name, they do mailorder for young, talented, and mostly unsigned electro acts but also some well known ones. Over the years, this has included IN STRICT CONFIDENCE, IONIC VISION, IMMINENT STARVATION, K.I.FOTH., PRO PATRIA, IC 434, KRIEGBEREIT, and many others. But that's not alii They

They were all working together, which each managing his own aspect, and then in 1994, all of their hard work start
ed to pay off. These activities caught the eye of Germany's CELTIC CIRCLE PRODUCTIONS, who went on to express a lot of interest in establishing CRIPPLED ABORTION as a sublabel of CCP. During talks about this, they were starting to realize that VERTIGO was costing too much money. That was almost the end of it, until in early 1995, when they were deciding if there was any way to keep it going and make it more professional, CELTIC CIRCLE suggested that they help out by having their graphics division, MADESIGN (run by Stefan Meisner), do layout and graphics for it. So 1995 saw the firs t issues of VERTIGO with color covers, much improved layout, and circulation of 1000 copies, but it was still only coming out twice a year. That was also around the time that CRIPPLED ABORTION released it's first CD, now as CELTIC CIRCLE PRODUCTIONS first official sub-label. Things were looking up; way up!

These things were all so successful that in 1996, Vertigo and CCP made the decision to completely recharge the zine. With the first issue in 1996, Number II, VERTIGO became fully glossy with a circulation of 10,000 copies distributed by the enormous INLAND PRESSE VERTRIEB GMBH! In addition, they began releasing full-length CD compilations with tracks from many of each issues featured artists, and lots of unreleased material. Since then, they've featured tons of tracks from bands like LE
ÆTHER STRIP , POUPPEE FABRIKK, PUTREFY FACTOR 7, IN STRICT CONFIDENCE, YELWORC, LESCURE 13, MORGUE, EVIL SERMON, AGHAST VIEW, SLEEPWALK, PRO PATRIA, PAGE 12, and many, many more. Now, one year later, they are about to unleash another organization. It's called DEADHEAD TAPE PRODUCTIONS, and the first release is a collaboration with Johan Van Roy's new CODE label. This cassette is LESCURE 13's long awaited sixth cassette, RESSURRECT. And aside from that, CRiPPlED ABORTION RECORDS will be making it's triumphant return in early 97 with the releases of CDs and MCDs by Switzerland's SYSTEM DER DINGE and Belgium's PRO PATRIA. And according to Jan the biggest news of all is the introduction of Vertigo's own web site "vertigo-online", moderated by Vertigo counterpart Peter Bytomski ' Finally now, the entire world can keep up with the many diverse activities of these workaholicsl Stay tuned and get in touch!
operative: sAge


1 Last Delay Youth 4:51
2 Network Access Innocence 6:41
3 Morgue Light Of Suicide 4:21
4 Putrefy Factor 7 Headkick 4:57
5 Evil Sermon You Will Always Die 4:10
6 Deathline International Open Your Eyes (Numb-Remix) 4:00
7 yelworC Spy Vs. Spy (Remix) 5:43
8 LPF 12 Masque 6:10
9 System der Dinge Surface 4:30
10 !AiBoFoRcEn < -* The Burning Wheel (Sabotage-Mix) 4:06
11 Cyber Tec Project* Let Your Body Die (K. Nitrate-Mix) 4:06
12 Absent Minded (2) The Deception 3:54
13 Pierrepoint Castigate 4:34
14 Lescure 13 Kiss Me, She's Dead 4:52
15 Psyche (2) Torture 5:29

The Psyche track on this compilation is a very rare one, from the short time where Dwayne Goettel (Skinny Puppy) was part of Psyche together with Darrin Huss. After some demo 4-track recordings Dwayne left the band. There was never an official psyche release in this constellation.

RS [52p pdf ]
CD [192 mp3]

I also updated Vertigo #15 with the cd that came with it, V0 mp3 from my Flac rip.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Final Unsound Vol.3 .No.2 [1988, My Scan]

A Zine so epic it needed 4 covers, a digest sized newspaper, separate reviews and advertisements sections, a glossy wraparound cover, an inlay card, a 93min comp, and a bag to hold it all. Over 200 scans, 124 of which needed to be pieced together from multiple scans. Two of the covers feature artwork by Trevor Brown (along with the cassette).

Features section contains articles and interviews with Asmus Tietchens, The Hafler Trio, Blackhouse, La Fura Dels Baus, Organum, Steve Fagin, PGR, Karen Finley, Richard Kern & Nick Zedd, Nell Stewart, V2 Organization & Das Synthetische Mischgewebe, and Selektion/P16.D4.

Get it all Here!

A01 Controlled Bleeding Untitled
A02 Psyclones He Was My Curse
A03 Smersh You've Got More ThenWheels
A04 Hunting Lodge Hour Glass
A05 Master/Slave Relationship Ground Zero
A06 Die Tödliche Doris Sampled Works III
A07 Audio Leter with Fake Feelings Institute, The* It Helps Us To Re-mamber
A08 Torn Memory Rewards And Punishments
A09 Monochrome Bleu Untitled
A10 Haters, The SIGA
A11 S.B.O.T.H.I. Lemos
A12 Theme Park His Sign
B01 Robert Bolman Embryo
B02 Problemist Schism
B03 Blackhouse Anti-Hell
B04 Das Synthetische Mischgewebe The Woman Chooses A Beautiful Dress To Visit The Man. Part I, II, III, IV, V
B05 Nomuzic Butcher Time
B06 Glorious Din Hope
B07 Eberly Brothers, The Break My Mind
B08 LinkP16.D4 Leasende Hunde
B09 Kristine Ambrosia LOQUAI
B10 Poison Gas Research* The Hardships
B11 Mother Country Confessions
B12 Negativland Play It Again

Get it all HERE

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Freak Animal Magazine+CD [1998, My Scan/Rip]


1 Con-Dom My War (2:59)
2 Merzbow Landing On Audio (3:48)
3 Grey Wolves, The Raw Matter 98 (3:40)
4 Stimbox Yuropajin Mo Bikkuri (5:37)
5 Taint How's It Feel (2:57)
6 Flutter Track (5:50)
7 Death Squad M Praha Three (6:20)
8 Abfall Portrait Von Aufspaltung (5:04)
9 Deathpile Knife Cult (5:24)
10 Kazumoto Endo Boogie Till You Puke (3:48)
11 R.H.Y. Yau I Have Hurt You Today - I'll Do It Again (4:17)

RS [36p pdf]

Friday, August 7, 2009

Judas Kiss Issue #4 [1998, My Scan]

Interviews with:
Ontario Blue, the Misfits, Boyd Rice/NON, Orchis, Allerseelen, David E. Williams, Cold Spring records, Somewhere in Europe, the Chaos Engine.
Articles by:
Christopher Walton (Tenhornedbeast/Endura) – ‘Here’s One I Married Earlier – the cult of Princes Dianna’
Michael Moynihan (Blood Axis) – Anton Szandor LaVey – meeting with a remarkable man’
Lee Thompson - ‘Cults ‘r’ Us’
Plus a thirteen page music review section
Multi [A5 size, 64 page pdf]

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Spectrum issue 5 [2001, My Scan]

Interviews with DIJ, BDN, IRM, Folkstorm, Novy Svet, Tribe of Circle, House of Low Culture, Skincage, and Vox Barbara, along with label spotlights of Crowd Control Activities, Spectre, and Middle Pillar Presents. Not to mention 19 pages of reviews you'll go blind trying to read because they're printed microscopically small with images behind them (kinda like what you're reading right now only smaller!).

RS [68p pdf]

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Spectrum issue 1 [1998, My Scan]

Very well produced first issue of this Australian zine. Huge 5 page interview with Malignant Records/Audio Drudge publisher Jason Mantis, as well as extensive interviews with Megaptera, The Protagonist, Sanctum, MZ 412, and Hazard (ex Morthound). Also contains 12 pages of reviews, 90% of them CMI related.

RS [40p pdf]

Monday, August 3, 2009

Unsound Vol 1 No 4 [1984, My Scan]

RS [48p pdf]

You can also find issues 1-3 over at I've also got these issues and was thrilled to see them show up, saved me so much time behind the scanner.

Friday, July 31, 2009

RE/Search Issue 2 [1981, My Scan]

If you're familiar with the Re/Search line of publications you'll know exactly what to expect here. Beatniks, tribalism, modern primatives, world music, dada, avant garde, industrial culture, surveillance, paranoia, etc.
Before publishing the now pretty well known Industrial Culture Handbook, Re/Search was a large format 11x17" tabloid size zine. This lasted for 3 issues before they switched to spine bound book format.

Because of the oversize nature and fragility of this 28 year old newspaper i attempted to contact my local kinko's and see if they were capable of scanning 17x22" newspapers, "sure" they said, "as long as you have a letter from the copywrite holder". Motherfucker. So i searched online, turns out even if you got your picture in the paper or an acticle written about you you can't preserve a copy of it without written consent of the publisher. All i wanted to do was preserve a piece of cultural history in digital form before it crumbles into dust. So i ended up doing it the hard way. Each page is 2 or 3 scans puzzlepieced together to form a single page, along with the centerfold (pages 18-19) which is 6 scans and forms a large 17x22" chart chronicaling German electronic music composers and their music 1970-1980.
Here (36p HiQ pdf)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Vital US #2 +7" [1993, My Scan]

Vital US #2 magazine, an anthology of features from Vital 11 through 20, which features interviews with Yeast Culture, Con-Dom, Doc Wör Mirran, G. Whitehead, THU20, Contrastate, Etant Donnes, Asmus Tietchens, Das Synthetische Mischgewebe, and Chop; plus labelspots on Minus Habens Records, Generations Unlimited, Cthulhu Records, Silent Records, Lovely Music, Edition RZ, Het Apollohuis, Sounds For Consciousness Rape, empreintes DIGITALes, BV Haast; and two articles by Ios Smolders.

The 7" contains two collages created from pieces submitted by the artists who were featured in Vital 1 through 20. Asmus Tietchens , Chop Shop (3) , Con-Dom , Contrastate , Das Synthetische Mischgewebe , Doc Wör Mirran , Due Process , Gregory Whitehead , Merzbow , P16.D4 , Schimpfluch-Gruppe , THU20 , Yeast Culture , and blackhumour. The four editors of Vital [Peter Duimelinks, Ios Smolders, Frans de Waard, Anton Viergever] each made pieces from these materials, but only the pieces by Peter Duimelinks were used in the end.

"After listening over and over again to the sounds of the artists
presented in Vital magazine, I found it difficult to choose and select
some specific sounds I liked. In fact many of the sounds we received
could serve as a basis upon which other sounds could be distributed
more precisely. So what would happen if I would use ill the sounds?
With this idea in mind I started to record "All or Nothing". Since I
wanted to use the maximum amount of time for a 7inch (5 min) I had
to repeat pieces of sounds from which I only had for instance 30
seconds, until I had the full 5 minutes. From other sounds I could only
use a part since they were much too long, as much as 30 to 60 minutes.
During the recordings, some interesting things happened. Some
sounds would disappear in the recording process, but reappeared after I
recorded some new layers. After I finished this part, I wasn't fully
satisfied with the result. I pitched up the speed and rerecorded this
over the initial track."
-Peter Duimelinks



Sunday, March 1, 2009

Assasin #1 [1982, My Scan]

[28p. pdf]

Saturday, February 28, 2009

S/M Operations [1982?, My Scan]

Small 12 page zine put together by members of Hunting Lodge. Contains an interview with SPK's Dominic Guerin.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Bruit Blanc #1 [My Scan, 199?]

First issue of this french language zine, unknown if any other issues exist. Interviews with Sol Invictus, Haus Arafna, Einleitungszeit, Bad Sector, Propergol, etc. Unknown release year as well, guessing 1999-2000 from some of the ads.

Download [50p. pdf]

Friday, October 3, 2008

Ongaku Otaku Issue #1 [1995, My Scan]

"Ongaku Otaku was a magazine devoted exclusively to coverage of Japanese independent bands and culture. The first issue was published in May of 1995. Four issues of Ongaku Otaku were published annually, at which point it ceased publication. The website has some additional information, as well as a blog which continues to cover independent Japanese music, so please visit."

Interviews with:
Der Eisenrost (led by Chu Ishikawa, composer of the Tetsuo soundtrack, as well as many other film scores for Shinya Tsukamoto).
Seed Mouth (Check out the video i posted of his work here).
Omoide Hatoba
More info here

Download [88p. pdf]

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Audio Drudge #6 [1995, My Scan]

Interviews with Namanax, Smell And Quim, Daniel Menche, and Roger Karmanik on CMI. Plus 22 pages of reviews. Cover by Stephan Alt.
Download [44p. pdf]

Thursday, September 18, 2008

U-Bahn Vol.2 No.1 [1987, My Scan]

Download[28p. pdf]

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Audio Drudge #2-3 [1992,1993, my scan]

Download [20p each, pdf's]

#3 came with a cassette, you can grab it over here.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Music From The Empty Quarter #11 [1995, My Scan]

This was a true labor of love. Both for the people who first published and also on my part. I tracked down a second copy of this just to cut the spine off and scan it. Scanning went pretty smoothly since i didn't have to worry about keeping the material flat like with bound material, but squaring/straightening/cropping/touching up 116 pages took almost 3 nights altogether. Let's just say i'm not exactly looking forward to doing issue 12. On to the content!

On the cover is Portion Control masquerading as Solar Enemy. MFTEQ's own T.E.Q Music label are the ones who released the PC best of The Man Who Did Backward Somersaults, along with Solar Enemy's second album Proceed To Beyond (The Rape Of Europa). Contained within is a 4 page interview with one third of the unit: Ian Sharp. Also extended interviews with Illusion Of Safety, Zen Paradox, Laibach, Muslimgauze, Pitch Shifter, and Genesis P'Orridge. Shorter one page interviews with FLA, Martin Atkins, Numb, Etc. As well as record label writeups on CMI and Dark Vinyl. And that's only the first 50 pages, the next 50 pages are all reviews, 50 PAGES! If you're looking for a resource documenting the '94-95 era of industrial music this is fucking it.

This was the first issue of MFTEQ to come with a sampler attached, Magnetic Submission. A joint venture between Musica Maxima Magnetica and Sub/Mission Records. Here's the tracklisting gimped from discogs in all its hyperlinked glory. Some known names, some unknown names, some forgotten names. All a relevant snapshot of The Year in Music :1995.

1 Ordo Equitum Solis La Flamme Perdue (4:20)
2 Thelema The Glory Of The Hawk (2:31)
3 G.L.O.D. Black Song For A Dead Sun (6:00)
4 Mellonta Tauta Chucao (3:23)
5 Technogod Addiction And Subtraction (4:35)
6 Synthetic Zoo Surfinblood (4:10)
7 Kowp B-Reality (4:28)
8 Alboth! Lüdi (2:58)
9 Swamp Terrorists Dive-Right Jab (3:26)
10 Circus Of Pain Dick Smoker (5:19)
11 Meathead You Owe Me (4:09)
12 Cold (3) Disgregation (3:59)
13 Templebeat Heidi S. (3:47)
14 T.A.G.C.* Iso-Erotic Calibration (6:45)
15 Cranioclast Our Coming Out (0:45)
16 M.J. Harris & Martyn Bates The Bloody Gardener (5:50)
17 Raksha Mancham Before The White Men Came (Live) (6:34)
18 Theatrum Chemicum Preghiera Al Grande Architetto Dell'Universo (4:42)

RS [116pg pdf]


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Total - Volume One [1991, My Scan]

Not so much a music zine as a collection of articles on countercultural movements and conspiracy theories. The cover lists Front Line Assembly, Finitribe, Bourbonese Qualk, Coil, Lagowski, etc. But aside from a couple fullpage art collages for some of them, these artists only appear on the accompanying cd. The one exception is an 2 page layout containing what i'm assuming is Adi Newton's TAGC manifesto, with The Anti Group appearing on the cd as well.


The cd was released/distributed by Soleilmoon/Staalplaat along with the zine in an edition of 1000. You can grab the cd over at
Because God Told Me To Do It.
The Thing On The Doorstep

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Some russian liked my notablog so much he mirrored it on his Livejournal. Even went as far as to rehost the issues on some russian rapidshit site called Craziness.

I guess if i can post other peoples writings it's fair game for others to repost what i write and post without credit as well. If rapidcrap ever deletes my files you know where to get them.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Audio Drudge #7 [1996, My Scan]

Who says i never update? ...ok i never update. so here's an update.
Audio Drudge was written and published by Jason Mantis of Malignant records fame. 7 issues between 1992 and 1996. The cover you're looking at was done by Stefan Alt from the Ant-Zen label. You probably can't tell from the artist names on the cover, but this issue documents an absolute epic year in industrial music. The 41+ pages of reviews reads like a Bible of everything that was ever awesome about post-industrial in the past 15 years.

I mostly collect old zines in hopes of finding lost gems, but at this point i already own or have heard half the albums reviewed in this issue. it's still fun going back and reading the hilariously entertaining review style of Mr. Mantis and friends from when these albums were brand new. Honest reviews are mostly a thing of the past, online music reviewers are too concerned with sucking ass for ad revenue and free cd's. Not these guys;

MUSLIMGAUZE - Izlamaphobia 2 CD.
Later Muslimgauze releases seem to be good
for one, maybe two listens, but that's about it.
Sometimes they're not even good for one
listen... case in point, Izlamaphobia, which,
while more driving rhythmically, is so
incredibly stale, repetitive, digitalized to the
point of sterility, and most of all forthrightly
dull, that stretched out over two CDs it becomes
unbearable. Was hardly two (no, make that
three) years ago that I liked Muslimgauze, but
this insistence on flooding the market with the
same re--hashed material has made me lose any
ounce of respect I once had. It's a pattern that's
not likely to end, as evident in the flyer
Staalplaat included along with this that offers a
subscription to all future Muslimgauze releases
(due to the incredible amount of material
they've received). All releases will be limited
editions and gone quickly that's music to
my ears! Staalplaat. JM

68pg/64mb pdf

Friday, March 14, 2008

Impulse #6 [1994, My Scan]

Picked up another issue recently. Extensive 6 page interview with John Zewizz of Sleep Chamber, along with Vidna Obmana interview, and a look at the Fragment/ND labels. Also contains 17 pages of reviews.
40pg/14mb pdf

And here's the cassette that came with it. The A side is a mix of the Fragment Music roster, mostly experimental rock oriented and not my cup of tea. The B side is more interesting,
Thieves Of Impressions (very early Ant-Zen band),
Hex Minora (appears on the Old Europa Cafe Macrocephalous Compost video collection, and has worked with Devis Granziera of Teatro Satanico),
A rare Muslimgauze song called Thief Severed Hand,
And an untitled piece from M.Nomized, who has been involved in cassette culture/mail-art since the early 80's.


Saturday, December 22, 2007