Saturday, August 8, 2009

Freak Animal Magazine+CD [1998, My Scan/Rip]


1 Con-Dom My War (2:59)
2 Merzbow Landing On Audio (3:48)
3 Grey Wolves, The Raw Matter 98 (3:40)
4 Stimbox Yuropajin Mo Bikkuri (5:37)
5 Taint How's It Feel (2:57)
6 Flutter Track (5:50)
7 Death Squad M Praha Three (6:20)
8 Abfall Portrait Von Aufspaltung (5:04)
9 Deathpile Knife Cult (5:24)
10 Kazumoto Endo Boogie Till You Puke (3:48)
11 R.H.Y. Yau I Have Hurt You Today - I'll Do It Again (4:17)

RS [36p pdf]


  1. I am wondering if you by chance have Mikko's porn zine "Erotic Perversion"? I would love to get a scan of those. Or Keith from Taint's old zine "A Taste of Bile"?

  2. Nope, i'll keep an eye out for them though.

    just got Mikko's new zine in the mail, Special Interests magazine. great stuff. Won't be scanning that any time soon though, copies are readily available. Go get it!