Saturday, March 15, 2008

Audio Drudge #7 [1996, My Scan]

Who says i never update? ...ok i never update. so here's an update.
Audio Drudge was written and published by Jason Mantis of Malignant records fame. 7 issues between 1992 and 1996. The cover you're looking at was done by Stefan Alt from the Ant-Zen label. You probably can't tell from the artist names on the cover, but this issue documents an absolute epic year in industrial music. The 41+ pages of reviews reads like a Bible of everything that was ever awesome about post-industrial in the past 15 years.

I mostly collect old zines in hopes of finding lost gems, but at this point i already own or have heard half the albums reviewed in this issue. it's still fun going back and reading the hilariously entertaining review style of Mr. Mantis and friends from when these albums were brand new. Honest reviews are mostly a thing of the past, online music reviewers are too concerned with sucking ass for ad revenue and free cd's. Not these guys;

MUSLIMGAUZE - Izlamaphobia 2 CD.
Later Muslimgauze releases seem to be good
for one, maybe two listens, but that's about it.
Sometimes they're not even good for one
listen... case in point, Izlamaphobia, which,
while more driving rhythmically, is so
incredibly stale, repetitive, digitalized to the
point of sterility, and most of all forthrightly
dull, that stretched out over two CDs it becomes
unbearable. Was hardly two (no, make that
three) years ago that I liked Muslimgauze, but
this insistence on flooding the market with the
same re--hashed material has made me lose any
ounce of respect I once had. It's a pattern that's
not likely to end, as evident in the flyer
Staalplaat included along with this that offers a
subscription to all future Muslimgauze releases
(due to the incredible amount of material
they've received). All releases will be limited
editions and gone quickly that's music to
my ears! Staalplaat. JM

68pg/64mb pdf

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