Sunday, September 14, 2008

Audio Drudge #2-3 [1992,1993, my scan]

Download [20p each, pdf's]

#3 came with a cassette, you can grab it over here.


  1. If that's not team work, I'm Donald Duck. I'm downloading your PDFs to complement the k7. Thanks.

  2. PBK here... I have issue #3, some of my cassettes were reviewed in Audio Drudge. Great post!

    Just wanted to say I have free experimental albums at my blog site, The Sound Genetic:

    There are many free downloads there:

    -PBK & Vidna Obmana- Depression And Ideal (noise ambient)
    -PBK-The Mescaline Tracks (psychedelic electronica)
    -PBK-Headmix (electronica)
    -4/4 Quartet-Ode To Sony'r (jazz/rock freenoise fusion)
    -De Fenestra w/PBK & Guillermo Gregorio(Hat Art Recording Artist)-Chicago Pieces (free jazz fusion)
    -Acclimate-Dreams Into Dust (industrial drone)

    ...AND MORE!
    Download, Share, Review, Repost!

  3. any way you can re-upload audi drudge 3. rapidshare says it is no longer there? thanks

  4. thanks, but I am after the audio part ... any way you could post the music to #3?